Audio/Media Ministry –
Provides adequate sound and visual services during church functions and events.

Drama –
Provides Christian and Historical stories through art of performance in the theatre.

Greeter Youth/Adults –
Provides every member, visitor and guest with a warm welcome in the form of a smile, hug and/or a handshake, and is there to answer any question.

Youth Church –
Youth Style church service, where youth are able to worship and learn biblical lesson on their own level.

Mime Adults / Youth –
Art of storytelling through dramatic dance and acting.

Music Ministry –
Provides praise and worship through song available to all Adult Men & Women, Young Adults and Youth. Practices vary throughout the month.

Nursery –
Provides child care service for families who have toddlers, where they are able to fellowship with other children and learn bible lessons.

Nurses Aide –
Provide resources to Pastor and guest preachers and to help address the basic physical needs of the members during church service.

Photography –
Captures special moments in real time during church services and special events.

Praise Dance (DBS, EOP, LTOP) –
Art of storytelling through liturgical and modern dance.

Production –
Provides Video services that produces church services, video announcements, and special videos

Ushers Adults/Youth –
Provides a friendly atmosphere to all members and guest that directs, seats and control the flow of traffic while maintaining discipline and order during church services

Youth Matron –
The GSM Youth Matrons are here to provide proper supervision and guidance in all youth ministries that are offered at the church.