Our Mission

This will be done through the fellowshipping of believers, equipping of the Saints and evangelizing the community. We will extend the hand of God to reach the unreachable in order to impact society with truth of the Kingdom of God. Our aim is to make Disciples for Christ that bear fruit from the Kingdom of God.

God has blessed our church for many years and we look forward to serving Him from generation to generation.

Our Slogan

  • To Build up the Saints,
  • To Bring in the Sheep,
  • To Bear fruit for the Savior


In 1945, a small group of Christians (six in number) being led by the spirit of God, met in the home of Bro. George Holmes and agreed to organize a church, the same being the present Greater St. Matthews Missionary Baptist Church. Rev James Price was called as the first Pastor. Under the leadership of Rev. Price, the church began to grow. Seeing the need for a place to worship, the members agreed to erect a church edifice, the same being the present location of the church today.

Rev. James Price resigned as pastor and the members called Rev. Warren Richardson as pastor. Rev. Richardson rebuilt the church and after a year of service, the Lord called him to minister elsewhere.

The church called Rev. L.D. Harris to succeed Rev. Richardson. The church continued to grow under the leadership of Rev. L.D. Harris. After a short while, Rev. Harris moved on to minister elsewhere. The church was destroyed by fire and the Rev. A.D. Dickerson voluntary offered his service, and after a short time the spirit of the Lord called him to move on.

With the aid of the Southwest Central District Association, Rev. W.M. Sykes, Moderator and Rev. F.A. Allen, President of the Sunday School and B.T.U. Congress, supervised the rebuilding of the new church.

The members called Rev. George Singleton who remained two years. The Rev. H.W. Howard from Mississippi pastored one year and was succeeded by Rev. George Singleton who remained for almost two years.

On October 18, 1959, Rev. Wilbur Johnson was called to succeed Rev. George Singleton. Throughout his ministry here, he proved himself to be a God-sent preacher, a Christian gentleman and a consecrated leader. Under Rev. Johnson, the church was remodeled and enlarged, and a Fellowship Hall was added. The membership grew rapidly from a small group to more than 200 members. After six (6) years of devoted service, Rev. Johnson accepted the pastorage of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Houston, Texas.

The church prayed and asked the Lord for another leader. On July 27, 1965, Rev. J. Carlton Allen was called as pastor. He accepted the call on, August 8, 1965. Under the leadership of this youthful minister, the church received a new inspiration to continue its work in the community. To mention some of the accomplishments: the mortgage on the church was burned, an organ purchased, and four (4) lots adjoining the church were purchased. After a year and six months of faithful service, Rev. Allen accepted the pastorage of New Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.

On April 23, 1967, Rev. T.H. Giles was called as pastor. During his time he proved to be a good, faithful, Christian minister. New members were added and the church grew both spiritually and financially. A beautiful new leadership was found in our pastor, and with Christ as the Great Shepherd and Rev. Giles our under shepherd, we could see a fruitful continuation in the building of God’s kingdom here on earth through the lives and works of the members of our church.

On April 24, 1983, Rev. T.H. Giles, due to his failing health, submitted his resignation as pastor of Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church. The chairman of the deacons, John C. Turner, brought forth the recommendation from the deacon board that Rev. E.H. Dobbins be called as pastor of the church in 1984.

Pastor Dobbins was a God-fearing man who believed in possibilities. The more faith you have, the more you believe. The more goals you see, the more you’ll achieve.

During Rev. Dobbins’ tenure, the church continued to grow, and many new members united under his leadership. Pastor Dobbins, along with faithful members, accomplished many goals for the church. Some of the items purchased were: P.A. system, choir robes, and a copier. A church van was also purchased, with a garage built for it. Also during his stewardship, blinds and furniture for the pastor’s study were donated.

Pastor Dobbins, along with some of his faithful members, organized a mid-week service which included feeding the hungry. In addition, he was inspired to organize a Brotherhood Ministry that met early Sunday morning and included breakfast.

He was also blessed to have as an assistant, Rev. Nat Davis, who was a faithful worker in God’s ministry. He was also blessed to have one son in the ministry, Rev. Thaddeus Brown.

His vision was . . . One day on the corner, this church would be overflowing with members, and His vision today is a reality.

Rev. Dobbins served faithfully for seven years until his death on May 11, 1990.

Upon Rev. Dobbins passing, the church called Rev. William L. Randall, Jr. in July 1990 and he preached his first sermon entitled “Together we Stand, Divided we Fall” the first Sunday in August 1990.  Pastor Randall promised the deacons that Greater St. Matthews would grow spiritually, financially and physically under his leadership.  God has seen fit to bring all three things to pass.

Since August 1990 many ministries have been inspired. God has called many sons into the ministry; a new church building was erected in 1995; and the mortgage was paid off in November 2002. In January 2003, Pastor Randall launched the King Solomon Phase II campaign, another vision in the making; July 2005 we purchased approximately 2 acres of land surrounding the church and in 2007 plans have been made to break ground to begin erecting our new building(s).  In November 2008 Greater St. Matthews members entered a new house of Worship given by God.  As time went on souls were being saved, encouraged and strengthened through the power of the Word of God taught and preached by Pastor Randall. Pastor Randall believes that strong families make strong churches. He has always had a strong focus on the family.