Some people go through their entire life and seem to struggle all the way.  Choices are sometimes made that lead to a path of turmoil and pain.  If we are honest with ourselves, we all would have to admit to this struggle.  The Bible often talks about this struggle in the midst of spiritual warfare.  And the truth of the matter is that we will often bring this struggle upon ourselves by not seeking the Lord with choices and decisions in our life.  It is often a repeating cycle of one bad choice leading to another.

Scripture is so helpful in this matter and shows how we need to completely rely on God and not to follow the foolish wisdom that comes with listening to our society or our culture.  Until the return of Christ, we will always have the battle with the flesh (the Apostle Paul uses this wording) but we must not let it consume our lives but turn to the unlimited power source of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Listen to Pastor Randalls sermon to find out how to handle your struggles.

Pastor, I’m Still Struggling

October 29, 2017




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